Story of Survivor hood #1

Trigger Warning: Sexual Assault, Rape, Brock University

This is my story:
I was at isaacs one night and went home with a group of people that I didn’t know very well but lived next door to me. I was very intoxicated but they invited me over to hang out for a bit and due to my impaired judgment I agreed. Everything was fine and I consented to having sex with one of the guys. After this happened I was going to leave but was grabbed and forced into a washroom and thrown up against the sink by one a guy I never met before. I was so intoxicated I didn’t really know what was happening. I was left in the bathroom alone not sure what to do. I finally got up and walked out of the washroom about to leave when I guy I was familiar with saw me and told me to come with him and I thought that he was going to ask me if I was ok and knew what had happened. Instead he forced me into a bedroom where there was nobody around and pinned me down. At this point I began to cry and told him to stop and that it hurt. He wouldn’t until I finally got him off me and left. On top of being raped twice in one night, my credit card and some cash had been stolen from my purse while it was happening, and so I had to deal with the credit card company the following day. I didn’t report the rapes for a few days but when I did I went to the hospital and had to begin taking chemotherapy just in case one of the two guys had HIV. The chemotherapy makes it so the virus won’t attach to your immune system if you came into contact. They made me very sick and I was bound to my bed at home the entire Christmas break. On top of this, I later found out that I was pregnant and I had to go through the grieving of an abortion. But thankfully all STI tests came back negative. This experience was very traumatizing and neither of the guys were kicked out of school. I didn’t press charges because of the long process and I wanted to move on with my life. On top of these guy not getting arrested or kicked out of school, one of them ended up being on a trip I went to with the school. Although it was hard, it has gotten easier and I am a much stronger and more aware person now. Whenever I go out (which is rare now) I make sure I’m always leaving with a person I trust. I learnt a lot from this experience.


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