SASA’s Mandate

We, the Students Against Sexual Assault (SASA) are a coalition of undergraduate and graduate students dedicated to raising awareness about sexual violence at Brock University and the surrounding St. Catharines’ community. Over the past year, rape culture and sexual assault have been the centre of media attention and as a result, universities have responded by creating sexual assault protocols. We have formed specifically to address Brock administration’s policies and responses to sexual violence and how the university can better support and honour survivors’ experiences. We also aim to challenge sexism and work towards altering rape culture beliefs and attitudes by coordinating inclusive and informative events that draw attention to sexual violence. Students Against Sexual Assault (SASA) focus on providing a safe space for survivors of sexual violence on campus, regardless of gender identity, race, ethnicity, sexuality, religion, culture, or ability. We aim to include all of these intersections in our work to combat sexual violence and rape culture attitudes and beliefs at Brock University. Sexual violence is perpetuated on post-secondary campuses when survivors are silenced, isolated, ignored, and excluded from decision-making processes and discussions about how to respond to sexual violence. We aim to help break this silence and unite survivors, so that voices are heard and honoured.



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